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A Better Solution: East Baton Rouge Parish Chamber of Commerce's Alternative Plan for Interstate-10

I-10/110 Widening

The East Baton Rouge Parish Chamber of Commerce has voiced its opposition to the proposed construction plan for Interstate-10. We believe the plan put forth by the Department of Transportation and Development (DOTD) is flawed and fails to offer the most efficient and cost-effective solution to alleviate congestion.

One of our main concerns is the unnecessary doubling of the width of the city park bridges in the DOTD's plan. This would result in excessive costs and construction time, without providing substantial benefits in terms of traffic flow. We believe these resources could be better utilized elsewhere to address the existing choke points more effectively.

The Alternative Solution: A Three-Year, Under $100 Million Plan
We have an alternative plan that focuses on widening the existing choke points to alleviate congestion. Our proposed solution is a three-year, under $100 million plan that promises to save an impressive $1 billion and 20 years of construction.

Here are the key components of the alternative plan
Widening the North Side of the Entry Curve
: By widening the north side of the entry curve, traffic entering Interstate-10 would flow more smoothly, reducing bottlenecks and congestion.

Closing the Washington Street Exit and Replacing It: To streamline traffic, the Chamber of Commerce suggests closing the Washington Street exit and redirecting it to Louise Street at Dalrymple and Louise at the westbound Texas U for the eastbound Washington entrance. This reconfiguration would enable the addition of three lanes to the existing one-lane I-10 Washington exit, utilizing 60,000 square feet of right-of-way.

Relocating and Expanding the Washington Entrance: The plan involves demolishing the Washington exit and moving the Washington entrance westbound to allow for four and five lanes eastbound. This realignment would significantly improve traffic flow in the area.


Creating Continuous Lanes: To optimize traffic movement, the Chamber of Commerce's plan calls for the creation of continuous lanes connecting the Washington entrance with the Dow Ripple, as well as connecting the Dalrymple westbound entrance with the Louise Exit. These continuous lanes would help alleviate congestion at critical points along the highway.

Leaving the Perkins Road Ramps Open: The alternative plan recognizes the importance of the Perkins Road ramps and proposes to keep them open, ensuring seamless access for motorists in the area.

As discussions continue regarding the future of Interstate-10, it is crucial to consider alternative solutions that prioritize efficient resource allocation, cost-effectiveness, and minimal disruption to the community.


The Chamber of Commerce's proposed plan provides a viable alternative that merits serious consideration. 

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